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GY6 50CC 4 Stroke LONG Case Engine 1P39QMB Kit for most China Made Gas Scooters

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Brand New GY6 50CC 4 Stroke LONG Case Engine 1P39QMB Kit for most China Made Gas Scooters

SKU: 01010003

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Please ensure our product is your need. We are not responsible if the buyer order wrong product.

This engine does not have oil, please be sure to add the oil before using.

Part Number: 01010003
Condition: Brand New
8Pole, AC
Single cylinder, 4-stroke, OHC
Displacement: 50cc (49.6CC)
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1 
Ignition: Electric or KICK start
Maximum Power: 2.4 Kw DIN @ 7,500 rpm 
Rated Power: 2.2Kw @ 7,000 rpm 
Torque: at least 3.0Nm @ 6,000 rpm 
Gears: CVT

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It fits for most of China Made scooter such as Roketa, Taotao. (Please kindly take care the length of the crankcase for your bike.)

Package included: 
1× engine as picture showed

Shipping Rate 0.0000
Vehicle Type Scooter
Compatible Brand Boom, Coolster, Cougar Cycle, Dongfang, Go Bowen, Roketa, TaoTao
Compatible Model ace pst50-12, bullet 49.9cc, challenger 49cc, df50stb, df50stc, df50stc-b, df50stf, df50stt, df50stx, maddog 49cc, MC-07-50(BAHAMA-50), MC-07K-50, MC-07KL-50, MC-08K-50, MC-08KC-50, MC-08Y-50, MC-08YC-50, MC-106-50, MC-109L-50, MC-10K-50, MC-113, MC-114, MC-130-50, MC-131-50, MC-131K-50, MC-140-50, MC-143-50, MC-144-50, MC-145-50, MC-146-50, MC-148-50, MC-15-50, MC-155-50, MC-156-50, MC-157-50, MC-158-50, MC-159-50, MC-160-50, MC-162-50, MC-162C-50, MC-163-50, MC-16C-50, MC-16K-50, MC-17K-50, MC-22Y-50, MC-26-50, MC-28-50, MC-31-50, MC-51, MC-51, MC-56, MC-57-50, MC-98-50, MC-T01-10(L8Y), MC-T01-12, MC-T07-10(L8Y), MC-T07-12, MC-T07-12, newspeed 50, TB-02, TB-04, TDS577Z USA, TDSBD573Z USA, TDWBD571Z USA, TDWBD572Z USA, TMEC150T-6, TR1100-T2, TR1100-T4
Part Number 01010003