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Rocker-Arm Camshaft Holder Assy for GY6 150cc Scooter

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Rocker-Arm Camshaft Holder Assy for GY6 150cc Scooter


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Part Number: 152000001

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It fits for GY6 150cc 4-Stroke Chinese Moped scooter ATV GO-KART Motorcycle Bike and others.


Package included:                                                  

1×Rocker-Arm Camshaft Holder Assy


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Vehicle Type Scooter
Compatible Brand Boom, Coolster, Cougar Cycle, Dongfang, Go Bowen, Roketa, TaoTao
Compatible Model ace pst150-12, arrow150, ata150g, ATV-113K-150(L8Y), ATV-113KS-150(L8Y), ATV-17S(RTJ-150D), ATV-17W(RTS-150XW), ATV-17WM(RTJ-150), ATV-56AS-150(L8Y), ATV-56Q-150, ATV-93AK-150, ATV-98KS-150(L8Y), atv3150cxc 150cc, atv3150dx2 150cc, bahama 150cc, challenger 150cc, cougar 150 sport, df150gkc, df150sst, df150stf, df150stg, df150tka, df150tkb, df150tkc, eagle 150cc, eagle pst150-7, force 150cc, GK-28(KTX-150), GK-28A-150(L5C), lancer 150, MC-04K-150, MC-04Y-150, MC-06-150, MC-119-150, MC-119K-150, MC-121-150, MC-123-150, MC-13-150, MC-130-150, MC-132K-150, MC-139-150, MC-13L-150, MC-140-150, MC-16C-150, MC-16K-150, MC-17K-150, MC-20Y-150, MC-22Y-150, MC-22Y-150 OLD, MC-23K-150, MC-23Y-150, MC-30-150, MC-31-150, MC-31A-150, MC-36-150, MC-46J-150, MC-46Y-150, MC-48-150, MC-49-150, MC-50-150, MC-55-150, MC-58-150, MC-59-150, MC-63-150, MC-65-150, MC-65Y-150, MC-70-150(LJ4), MC-71-150(LJ4), MC-72-150(LJ4)(L8Y), MC-74-150(LYD)(LJL), MC-74Y-150(LJ4), MC-75K-150, MC-75L-150(LJL), MC-75Y-150(LJ4), phantom 150cc, powermax 150, quantum150, ranger 150cc, road master 150cc, rocket 150cc, roma 150cc, targa150, UV-05-150, UV-05L-150, UV-05LA-150, UV-05SA-150, UV-29-150, 50-2A, 50-9A, DF50SRT, DF50SST, DF50STT, DF50SVT, Romeo-50-BK, Romeo-50-RD, Romeo-50-WT, Romeo-50-YL, TY50QT-B-BK, TY50QT-B-BL, TY50QT-B-RD, TY50QT-G-BL, TY50QT-G-RD, TY50QT-G-WT, TY50QT-G-YL
Part Number 152000001